In Full Countdown Mode

Great correlations in human development:

  1. The after meal nap lengthens with increased amounts of gravy.
  2. The dessert debate is leaning from pumpkin to berry pie.
  3. Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving is a growing reality.
  4. The amazing sales of Black Friday are now starting on grey Tuesday.
  5. The more Thanksgiving dinner the louder the grunt when standing up.

Yes, we are an elegant and sophisticated people; modern and cosmopolitan. Oh well. Thanksgiving has come and gone. Where does the time go? “Time fly’s,” someone said. Does it? Time isn’t flying so much as it’s marching over me and my greying, thinning hair.

And Now…

We are now in full countdown mode. It’s 27 days to Christmas and the unending stream of parties, dinners, concerts, plays, lights, food, gifts, trees, and house decorations. Yep. 


I’m A Big Sap

I’m a big sap for Christmas. I love it. Granted, it’s a massive commercialization of a sacred event. But just think, there’ll be hot chocolate by the fire place, homemade fudge, cards in the mail, and brightly wrapped packages under the tree. Not to mention the shimmering beauty of freshly fallen snow. Ah, Christmas in Houston!

I’m hoping to get lots of gifts this year, I love getting lots of gifts. However, I’m boycotting malls, stores, traffic, and all shopping. It’s just not for me. It’s not how I roll.  

The Bigger Thing

I know the real meaning of Christmas. It’s like Garfield said in one of his TV specials, “Ah Christmas, it’s not the getting, it’s not the giving, it’s the loving.” Well said for a cat.

When did the love begin? Was it when the star appeared in the clear night sky over a sleepily little Judean village? Or was it the moment of the virgin birth? Perhaps when the heavenly host proclaimed praises to God for the savior being born?

TheNativity (600 x 300)

An Even Bigger Thing

When you think about it, the love really began before the world was made. I believe we were created from love’s foundations, from the source, the well-spring of divine care.

Regardless of when the love began, it found its greatest fulfillment in Jesus our Messiah. So let me offer to each of you a very Merry Christmas!

I’ll Close With This…

“Good morning Holy Spirit. Today begins of a new week and a new season of celebration. So we begin by saying thank you for the Christ. Thank you for our Savior. And thank you for the love. Amen.”

God be with you!


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