45,000,000 Turkeys, Pt. 2

Not everyone likes turkey. Some find it dry, or bland, hence the delicious brown gravy.

Not My Dining Room or My Family, But They Seem Nice!

It’s Iconic

But still, it’s a cultural icon, and hundreds of millions will have turkey on Thanksgiving.

Why do we keep these traditions? Are we comforted by maintaining religious and cultural practices?

3500 Years Ago

About 3500 years ago, a million slaves walked out of Ramses. The final straw was the death of Egypt’s first-born sons. That was a terrible night for the Egyptians as grief swept through their homes. But it was different for the Hebrews. They had painted lamb’s blood their doors, so death would pass over. That night they ate a special meal, a Passover meal, knowing it would be their final meal and their last night in Egypt.

There are interesting similarities to Passover and Thanksgiving.

The Slaves                                    

  • Left for the promise land                      
  • Ate roasted lamb                                    
  • Shared with family                                 
  • Passover symbolized freedom             
  • Passed down through the generations   

The Pilgrims

  • Left for the new world
  • Ate roasted turkey
  • Shared with family
  • Thanksgiving symbolized freedom 
  • Passed down through the generations


Passover was rooted in freedom. God delivered them from Egypt and led them to Canaan. He provided water, manna, and the promise of a better life. Every year Jewish families gather around the Seder table to remember and to give thanks to Yahweh for delivering their ancestors from bondage to freedom.


The Pilgrims left their homes to escape persecution and find a better life. They held a strong belief that God delivered them to the promise land. It was a life their children would inherit, and their children’s children. A life passed down to every generation. 

They Passed It To Us

If not for our Pilgrim forefathers, we might exist in a very different world. Would the United States of America have ever been born? Would America be very different? Would we still enjoy religious, political, and social freedoms? Would we still be prosperous and free?

How Do We Relate?

On the last Thursday of November, we gather around our dinner tables to give thanks. We practice the grace of gratitude and remember those who sacrificed to bring the message of freedom to the new world.

Looks Good To Me, Let’s Eat!

Along with the food, the football, and the napping, let’s take a moment to go deep within ourselves, to places we don’t often access, and  pause to give thanks on Thanksgiving. 

To Close

Let’s not allow those 45,000,000 turkeys to die in vain!

We are free and prosperous and alive to enjoy it.

May God bless you and may he continue to bless our great nation.  

Happy Thanksgiving

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