The Holidays: Its Time

Good Morning Holy Spirit. You have made this day and I will rejoice, be glad, and seek your desire for my life. Thank you for bringing us to another holiday season. You bless our lives.

A Holiday Week, Month or Season?

Halloween notwithstanding, this week launches the official holiday lineup. Thanksgiving to New Years have merged into one extended celebratory season.

Thanksgiving has nothing to do with Christmas and Christmas has nothing to do with New Year’s. They aren’t linked together. But each has its own meaning and value.

I don’t mind, I love it.

Don’t Laugh

As odd as it may seem, my family gathered last night to decorate our Christmas tree and our home. We aren’t finished, but we made a good start. The outside lights and decorations will come soon.

Are we fanatics? Possibly. But there are other explanations.

  1. Each year, we host two Christmas parties and a special dinner party, beginning the first week end of December. So the house has to be ready around Thanksgiving.
  1. The decorating is a family event with our son, daughter and son-in-law. We have a favorite meal, then its eggnog, a roaring fire, and Christmas music. (Most years I crank the AC to freezing for the roaring fire) The three men sit and watch the two women do the decorating. Mostly we just keep their glasses full and stay out of the way. 
Not Our Living Room Or Our Roaring Fire, But Close, Very Close

We’re All So Busy

In October we sit down over dinner, check our calendars, and decide the November day for decorating. A few years ago we were struggling with dueling calendars so my wife had to do everything to get us ready for December’s events. Our daughter nearly disowned us.

We All Have Them

What do we all have? We have our traditions, styles, and special events. No two families are the same. Nor should they be. There will be millions of Christmas trees in homes, apartments, offices, malls, and stores; millions and millions of trees. And no two of them will be the same. Nor should they be.

To Close

This Holiday Season, I pray that Jesus our Messiah will be a blessing to your life. In the acknowledgment of his birth, I hope that each of you, regardless of circumstances, can find meaning and joyfulness in the message of his coming.

Now please excuse me, I’ve been asked to place the angel on the tree.

God Bless You

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