Giving the Nickel

I remember getting an allowance. It’s one of my earliest memories.

Come Sunday

On Sunday mornings, part of my allowance was placed in the collection plate. It’s one of my earliest memories.

  1. I think I got a quarter a week.
  2. A nickel found its way into the contribution.
  3. That was 20% of my income!
  4. We never missed church.
  5. That’s a lot of nickels.
  6. It’s how I was raised.
  7. It’s what I was taught.

I didn’t miss the 5 cents. It was an honor to get that nickel out of my pocket and drop it in the plate. Giving gave me a good feeling.

It still does.

The Nickel Has Been Replaced, But Children Are Still Giving! 

Giving, Contributing, and Grace

 Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Energy fuels my life.
  2. Music nourishes my heart.
  3. Serving inspires my soul.
  4. Money sustains my existence.
  5. Time is a gift and is irreplaceable.
  1. When I give God my energy I’m giving my life.
  2. When I praise his name I’m offering my heart.
  3. When I serve others I’m sharing my soul.
  4. When I give money I’m sacrificing what sustains me.
  5. When I give time I’m giving what can’t be replaced.

All giving is grace. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son. He gave. It’s a verb right? It’s an action word? Grace is God’s gift to the world. God gave us something we couldn’t get on our own, something we couldn’t earn. We couldn’t buy, rent, or lease it. It’s the nature of redemptive love. It’s all about giving.

When We Give

When we give God our energy, our worship, our service, time and money, we are sharing our lives. It costs us, it’s our giving to him what matters the most. It’s called sacrifice.  For he cared enough to send the very best, to give the very best of all he could give. Do we?

To Close

When we reach into our pockets, pull out our nickels, and put them into the offering plate, it reflect a heart of grace. It honors God, demonstrates gratitude, and fuels the mission of his church.

It always made me feel good to give.

It still does.


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