See The Trees

Aspen trees are one big eco-system, they are all connected.


They Are Beautiful

The Colorado Mountain Aspen’s are beautiful. Their leaves do that “fluttering” thing when the breezes blow. They change color in the fall and paint the mountainsides with brilliance and majesty.

Even More Beautiful

Each tree is connected to every other tree. In a forest of Aspens, in the Aspen glades across tens of thousands of acres, each one is a part of all the others. Every tree grows tall and strong and does what it does, but it doesn’t do it alone. It doesn’t just exist among other trees, nope, each one is rooted to a system as big as the mountain. It’s just so beautiful.


Rugged Individualists

People tend to be strong, tall, and proud. The rugged individualist behaves as if he is all alone, that it’s all up to him. But it isn’t true, it’s never been true.

What is it that people need from other people?

  1. Someone to talk to, someone to listen.
  2. Affirmation, acceptance, & understanding.
  3. A sense of belonging.
  4. Someone to check on you once in a while.
  5. Someone who won’t let you sink into yourself.
  6. Laughter, crying, happiness, sadness, and grief.
  7. Connection to the giant Eco-system of humanity.

I like being alone. I like solitude, privacy, and anonymity. But not all the time. Too much and I start feeling disconnected, not just alone but lonely. Too much rugged individuality breaks me down. I like thinking that I don’t need people, but the truth is I do, I need people a lot.

People keep me grounded. They keep me balanced. Some serve as sounding boards for my ideas, validating or amending my thinking. Sure, the forest can at times be overwhelming, crowding and infringing on my individuality. We all need some “me time.” Even Jesus got away to quiet places for uninhabited solitude and peace. But he always went back to the crowds, to the villages, and to his disciples.

Some Final Thoughts

This week I have listened to a friend experiencing some depression. Another friend is questioning what it means to be happy. People have shared their perspectives on Tuesday’s election, some elated and some irritated. I’ve listened to a parent’s concerns about family. People are up and down and happy and sad. At times we are free as a bird and at times are heavy burdened. But we don’t have to do it alone.

To Close

We are all part of one another, created in the image of God. We are part of a family, a human Eco-system.

See the trees!


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