President Harriet!

It was Harriett to the rescue, to my great relief.

My Senior Year

The first week of my senior year we had a class meeting. The meeting was for electing a class president, vice-president, and treasurer.

The Campaign Trail

The campaign was a hard hitting, mud-slinging, name-calling slug fest. Actually, there was no campaigning at all. Nominations were solicited and the top vote winner would be president, then vice-president, and treasurer.

Not my campaign slogan, but close, really very close.

To My Great Surprise

I was stunned to hear my name nominated. The class voted and I missed the presidency by one vote, one measly vote. I was handed the ignominious Vice Presidency. The entire year I did as little as possible and missed most of the meetings. Honestly, I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. I guess not that much has changed since then. 

My Friend Harriett

My friend Harriett won the Presidency. And the Senior Class of “74” was all the better for it. She was organized, conscientious, and did a great job. And me? Well, I had a title that looked good in the year book.

Not our school’s voting booth, but close.

It’s A Day of Days

Today America votes. I don’t know if the winner will win by a land slide or by the narrowest of margins. But later tonight, America will have a President elect.

But I Know This

This I know: God creates nations and tears them down. He raises up leaders and destroys them. Whatever a man or woman can do, another man or woman can undo it. I know that whatever is impossible with man is possible with God. Do I fear the future? Not at all, not in the least.

But I am a little nervous about it. A lack of faith? 

To Close: If I Had Won!

If I had carried the vote, I would have been the worst president in school history. Not because I lacked ability, but because I lacked interest. I really didn’t care. I was busy with football, sports and girls.

Still, it might have been cool to be president. I should have demanded a recount, there could have been some hanging chads.

Shalom (that means peace)

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