The Better Part of Me!

Whoever we are and however we turned out, there may exist a better part of ourselves.

Undeniably So

For me it’s undeniably true. That better part exists in my son and daughter. Without exception, they are stronger, smarter, and more capable. They are better looking too. All of that is clearly their mother’s influence.

Last Night

Last night we had a family celebration for our daughter’s birthday. She wanted to eat at her favorite Sushi restaurant, and so we did. It was fabulous. Then it was back to the house for birthday cake and gifts. We sat around the dining room table to reminisce; we talked and we laughed and laughed. I love being a father.

Fathers of Daughters

We parents love our kids: sons, daughters, sons and daughters, it doesn’t matter, we just love them. Our son came first and we thought he would be an only child. But five and half years later, a daughter. I have great respect for good parents, and extra respect for men who are excellent fathers to daughters.

As my daughter turns another year, I reflect on some moments so vivid in my heart.

  1. First time to hold her.
  2. Teaching her everything I could.
  3. Driving her to gymnastics.
  4. Driving her to dance class.
  5. Driving her to violin lessons.
  6. Driving her to riding lessons. (girls and horses!)
  7. Teaching her to drive.
  8. Taking her to college.
  9. Driving to her commencement.
  10. Driving to her wedding.
  11. Driving to her grad-school commencement.
  12. Driving to Starbucks on Mondays to have coffee with her.

There’s been a lot of driving.

Summa Cum Laude, From the Honors College


My daughter is happily married, is a practicing therapist, and has blossomed into a lovely, confident, and capable woman. 

About An Hour Before Her Wedding. I Was So Nervous

She loves to travel.They recently went to Italy, have made plans to visit other countries and places. They are young and full of life. I had the amazing experience of taking her with me to China for a two week mission trip. We had such a good time.

To Close

I’ll just leave you with this:

“Good Morning Holy Spirit. I want to thank you for my family, for a loving and devoted wife, for a son that makes me button popping proud and a daughter who lights up every room she walks in to. They are the best part of me. Holy Spirit, please grant me your fruit of patience and goodness so I can be better for them. It all points to you. Amen.”

Happy birthday sweet girl. 

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