He Didn’t Outsource The Cross!

It’s another Saturday morning. I love Saturday mornings.

The Day

Right now I’m blogging, with coffee. Then comes the list:

  1. Three projects my wife requested.
  2. One project for me.
  3. A book signing event at a Half Price Book store in Houston.
  4. Some prep for tomorrow’s lesson at Southeast.
  5. The Florida/Arkansas game.
  6. Alabama/LSU tonight.
  7. Depending on who wins, a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow Morning

I will put the games and projects behind me to focus on the task. I’ve been preaching on the Kingdom of God and the series now transitions to the topic of kingdom generosity.

Kingdom Generosity

People with kingdom mentality, with kingdom hearts and vision, understand kingdom generosity. Our king is first and foremost, a giver. And a sacrificial giver at that, for God so loved the world that he gave his son. Giving is the core of generosity, of our time, energy, compassion, and a multitude of resources, even money.

Kingdom Concerns

There are two dynamics that are shaping how Christians define themselves.

The First: Elective Christianity

Elective: open to choice, not required, optional.” Examples: taking a course that isn’t required to graduate, or having surgery that isn’t about a diseased or damaged organ. Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure.

Elective Christianity is thinking that the Kingdom of God is optional, not required, open to personal choice. We are increasingly a people who worship freedom of choice: elective.

The Second: Outsourced Christianity

“Outsourced: to contract out, to obtain services from an outside source.” Examples: we outsource our house cleaning, our laundry, food shopping, car repair, house repair, child care, lawn care, and so forth.

 My observation is that adults are spending less time reading their bibles, praying, and mediating. They are leaving their spiritual well-being to others: outsourced.

Is that how we see the spiritual care of our children? Is it left up to the Children’s Minister or Youth Minister. I see parents dropping off their kids for events and activities, even bible class, then leave to go and do whatever, even though there are classes and activities available to them and for them. Outsourced.

Is This Our Culture?

Families are affected by culture. It’s a mad dash to travel, for entertainment, sports, and a seemingly endless participation in as much and as many as possible. Few are slowing down. Most are amping up. Few are asking if it’s healthy. Everyone is doing it because everyone else is doing it.

To Close

It’s Saturday and we all have a lot to do. But tomorrow morning I transition to a six-week emphasis on Kingdom Generosity. It’s important stuff. It needs to be taught and it needs to be embraced.

My angst is that only a third of my congregation will hear more than four of the lessons. Another third will hear no more than two. I guess there’s just so much else to do.

No one is perfect, especially me, not judging, just concerned. So, I’ll leave you with this:

If I make the church an elective and sustain an outsourced mentality for my spiritual life, then at what point am I no longer seeking the kingdom of God first?

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness….” Matthew 6:33

Thank God Jesus Didn’t Outsource Calvary, or Make the Cross an Elective!

2 thoughts on “He Didn’t Outsource The Cross!

  1. Your last statement really cut right to the heart of it! Thank you Rick for speaking the truth. You ALWAYS give us much spiritual food to nourish our souls. Thank you.

    Janice Reist

    Liked by 1 person

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