Key Thought: Was I born to do something, was I born with purpose?

Born To Run

In 1975 Bruce Springsteen released a song called, “Born To Run.” What did he mean? Was the song actually about running? Was Usain Bolt born to run? Or Roger Bannister who broke the 4-minute mile? Or did Bruce have something else in mind? 

Was Michael Phelps born to swim? Was Edison born to invent? Was Beethoven, Rembrandt, and Streisand born to compose, paint, and sing?

It seems some people were born for certain things, like Mickey Mantle, Roger Staubach, and Wilt Chamberlain.

Was Jesus? Was he born to die? We will all die and we all know it, but few of us would define our lives by the global value of our own death. He did.

In His Image

We are born in his image, meaning that we have free will and are born with a divine spark. We are classified as mammals but so are tigers, gorillas, and killer whales. There still remains a good sized difference between us and the tigers.

Since we are created in his image we are therefore born with Godly purpose:

  1. To reflect the light of our creator.
  2. To serve and care for others.
  3. To teach as best we can.
  4. To leave a heritage of faith.
  5. To make a lasting impression on our world.

I Know

Many live without purpose. They exist without ever realizing they were born with divine value and have a spiritual commission. Sad.

What are you doing with your spark? Who are you teaching and what are you teaching them? Who are you serving and how you do you demonstrate compassion? After your death, will someone take up your torch? Will your flame continue brightly? Will others follow your path because of the footprints you left behind?

To Close

You are uniquely qualified to teach, to serve, to care, and to leave a lasting impression. You are important to God, and to others, and you need to take it seriously.


Be awesome today as only you can.



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