Fabulous Fall Festival

After Christmas Eve and Easter, Fall Festival is my favorite event.


Our church puts on a Fall Festival on the last Sunday of October. There are bouncy castles, a rock wall for climbing, an arcade, a picture booth with characters, a story book reading room, a big red fire engine, and great food and great snacks.

There is a green screen video/picture booth, and sometimes we have face painting, and other attractions. There is a big show to close the evening and don’t forget the gobs of candy at the Trunk or Treat event. This year we had about 50 well decorated cars with scary people passing out candy to our members and neighborhood families.

Here Are Some Fabulous Fall Festival Facts

  1. Estimated 300 kids brought their parents.
  2. Top costume genre: super heroes.
  3. Candy of choice: Skittles and Starbursts.
  4. Most popular attraction: The Rock Wall.
  5. Most popular attraction for adults: The Arcade
  6. Best Festival Snack: the popcorn and cotton candy tied for first.
  7. Most scary feature: Giant spider on top of a car
  8. Most appreciated: the 100 volunteers
  9. Most appreciated of all: those who stayed to clean up
  10. The looks on children’s faces when Batman walked in: Priceless

Best of All

But for me, the best of all was the tremendous spirit of friendship and fellowship. From one end to the other, there were people talking, laughing, having fun, and enjoying themselves and each other. It was such a wonderful atmosphere.

There is no substitute for unity. There is nothing better than love. And nothing warms my heart as much as seeing people deeply connected to one another.

Thank You

Thank you Southeast leaders for being so supportive. Thank you Ram and Stacie Aguilera for donating the food, and to Kyle and Tracy Lester for the Cotton Candy and Popcorn. Let me thank our Children’s Ministry Team, Janel Hopper and Melissa McAdams for producing such a wonderful event. But mostly, let me thank the 100 volunteers for without you there would not be a Fall Festival.


To Close

I love my church. I am proud of you for so many reasons and appreciate you in so many ways. Way to go Southeast family!

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