Okay, its Halloween, the day the dead rise to bother us.

Maybe Not?

But maybe they won’t. I know it’s October 31, but just thing about it:

  • How do the dead know its October 31?
  • Billions have died/buried, where are they?
  • When the night is over, how do they find the right grave?
  • What’s their range? How far can they really go?
  • And what’s the point? Are they angry about something?

Then there is the fact of it being impossible, but lets not ruin it with the truth.

Its Great for Kids

I loved Halloween. We didn’t spend much time on costumes. They were always homemade, never store bought. Just used some old clothes to become a hobo, or a pirate, and off we went with a pillow case. We ran from door to door to maximize the volume of candy per block covered. It was like science.

Not So Much for Demons

I never cared much for costumes representing the devil, or demons, or something evil. It wasn’t a popular position, but that’s how I felt. But costumes were fun and gathering a gargantuan amount of free candy was even more fun.

My Halloween Wife

My wife loves Halloween. She loves answering the door and talking to the kids and seeing their costumes. She gives candy by the handful. If the trick or treaters are teens, and if they aren’t polite, then she will trick them before treating them. She’ll require them to sing a song to get the candy. She’s maniacal.

Be Careful

You have to be careful these days. In my day Mom and Dad just whisked me and my brothers out the door, with a, “Have fun.” Our only boundary was to be home by 8:30. That was the only boundary needed. We didn’t have to be careful.

It’s different today. It has to be, it’s sad.

In Closing

There is no bewitching hour, no dawn of the dead, no ghosts or goblins or zombies rising to get us on All Hollow’s Eve. Yes, these border-line frightening creations produce a never ending line of bad movies. The kind of movies that are more sketchy than scary and more gross than engrossing. But they can be entertaining if you enjoy such fare.

So have fun tonight. Be safe. Get gobs of good stuff. And remember, its fun to dress up, to play make believe, and to use our imaginations.

Just remember what’s real and who is real.

God bless you.

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