Is It Love or Stuff?

I have a lot of stuff. I have all kinds of stuff. I may have too much.

The Garage Project

The garage needs attention. Granted, we moved in to a new house about six weeks ago and it takes some time to get organized. Just the same, I’ve stepped up to get it done. Last week I had a stomach virus. This week I have a garage virus. I need to purge some stuff.

Storage Rental?

One source states that America has 48,000 mini-storage places. That’s an average of 960 storage places per state. Just think about it.


Another source reports:

  • America has 2.3 billion square feet of rental storage space
  • 50% of all mini-storage is for stuff that won’t fit in our homes
  • 15% reported that they rent space to store stuff they no longer want


Here’s The Deal

The deal is that we love to hoard. We gather more and more and end up having to store what we don’t use, need, or even want. We could pay off the national debt with a country wide garage sale. We’ll sell our unused, unneeded stuff to other countries. Let somebody else store it.



Some Perspective

Jesus said that he had no place to lay his head. I guess that meant he wasn’t a home owner. When he died, as far as I know, all he had to his name were the clothes on his back. Then the soldiers gambled for his clothes. He died penniless and naked.

Does it pain you that the King of Kings owned nothing? That the creator of the universe, the architect and builder of our world, died on the old rugged cross without one piece of stuff to his name?

Jesus would struggle as an American.


To Close

Someone once said that love makes the world go round. They were probably right. But today, I believe it isn’t love that spins the world, it’s stuff.

Just a thought.


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