I’m Not a Child

I picked up a stomach virus last week. O joy of joys. Can you believe it?

Not Me Or My Pajamas, But Close

Here’s The Thing

The thing about a stomach virus is that it tends to destroy your life. Then it ratchets down to a horrible inconvenience. Finally, it dissipates and fades away. Like the plague, it leaves behind a trail of brokenness and fear.

Top Ten Things I Like About A Stomach Virus

10. You get to miss work










That’s all I have.

Such A Child

I’m not the best patient when I’m sick, maybe it’s because I have no patience for it. The person who really suffers is my wife. She has to nurse me back to health. Sad for her. I whine a lot, complain about vomiting for the 29th time, and constantly want things but can never decide what. I do want all the medicines I can get but don’t believe they will help. It must be like dealing with a child. I’m not a child. Mostly.

Better Now

I’m a tiny bit better and beginning to feel almost not sick. But I’m on my guard, you never know, these things come back, can have a relapse. Can’t have that. No sir.

A Day Is Coming

There will be a day when all stomach viruses will go away and not come back. There will be no more fever, projectile vomiting, or debilitating diarrhea. Can you imagine? It will come, it will happen. Probably the day after my funeral.

But I Soldier On

I soldier on because that’s what soldiers do, and I’m a soldier, sort of. It’s time to get up off the mat, pull up my boots, tighten my belt, it needs tightening due to the 64 pounds the flu beat out of me. Okay, didn’t really lose 64 pounds, but still. I need to get back to being a healthy, strong, functioning human being. Wow, I love the way that sounds. Go Rick.

To Close

It’s possible that I’ve exaggerated my stomach virus experience. Maybe. However, it’s Monday morning and I’m returning to the land of the living. There are sermons to write, meetings to attend, and people to serve. It’s time.

So I’ll leave you with this:

“Good morning Holy Spirit. Thank you for sharing your divine nature with me. Thank you for being such a wonderful gift. Please help me to be the man you want me to be, to serve to glorify our Father, and to do something that advances his kingdom. Amen.”


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