A Cite Soleil Update

I’ve received a report about our school in Cite Soleil, Haiti.

Haiti Tropical Weather
Children Crossing a Flooded Cite Soleil Street

Severe Flooding & Wind Damage

This is from Tonya Hunt, Vice President of Hope For Haiti’s Children, reporting from Jeantyrard Elmera, a preacher and leader of the HFHC organization in Port-au-Prince. He was able to get in and get a first responder’s look at Cite Soleil. 

“Jeantryrard and the team drove through (Cite Soleil) yesterday and met with some of the sponsored children at their homes. They identified seventeen families whose homes were damaged to the degree that they are not able to make use of what is left or to live inside. Roofs were damaged or parts flew away. Water rushed through the area and the homes closest to the ocean were affected the most with many of their belongings being destroyed or washed away. This was just their first look at the damage and they will be able to assess more in the coming days.

The greatest needs are:

  • Building materials for homes that can be repaired and made livable.
  • Water filtration kits or purchased water. They may have to resort to drinking contaminated flood water and risk water-borne diseases such as cholera.
  • Food

The HFHC staff in Haiti is already trying to meet these immediate needs. Next week a team will arrive to continue crisis relief efforts. I (Tonya) will be on the team and will send you (Southeast Church) a report with pictures. Please pray that the area stays restful for our presence there and that we are happily received.  

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers for the people of Haiti as they have endured substantial loss again.”

Tonya Hunt

Cite Soleil, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The SE Church of Christ in Friendswood, TX sponsors 350 children in the school in Cite Soleil and is a pillar supporter of the school. We will want to do whatever we can to help.


There will be opportunity for relief donations to be made. In the next several days, as more information flows back to us, I will keep you informed of how to donate and how those donations will be applied.

People wade through a flooded street while Hurricane Matthew passes, in Cite-Soleil in Port-au-Prince

To Close: God Help Them

We continue praying, beseeching the Lord Almighty to raise his healing hand to help the people of Haiti. The level of devastation and subsequent hardships from hurricane Matthew will in some ways rival the earthquake they suffered just a few years ago.

I’ll keep you informed.

One thought on “A Cite Soleil Update

  1. I prayed everyday while I was in Birmingham for the Haiti people, especially for the kids. Thank you for the update. I arrived home last night very lat5e and Betty Arnold called me this morning to let me know about the children. So very thankful they are all safe but hope their homes and the water situation will be resolved very soon.


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