Hanging A Shower Rod

“The right tool for the right job.” My Dad said it a thousand times.


A Tool Guy

He was a tool guy. He could repair cars, lawnmowers, and airplanes. If it had a motor, he could fix it. He could build, assemble, and make just about anything. He had more tools than anyone I knew, and yet he was always buying more. His motto, “The right tool for the right job.”


Here’s What Happened

Yesterday evening my wife and I installed a shower rod in the guest bathroom. The challenge was drilling through the wall tile. Drilling ceramic tile made me nervous, I had never done it. We watched a you-tube video, then got busy.

It Didn’t Work

I, of course, ignored the advice, as well as my Dad’s tool motto. I attempted to drill the smooth, slippery tile with a standard drill bit. Nope, it didn’t work. The bit kept sliding off point and didn’t make a dent.  

Not Me Or My Tool, But Close

What I Needed

What I needed was a bit with a hardened tip designed for tile. It cost a little more, but it made all the difference. We had four holes to drill and the new bit worked perfectly. With my wife’s help we had the shower curtain up in no time. Sweet.

The right tool for the right job. Uh huh.

A Life Lesson

Actually, nobody needs a drill bit. What they really need is a hole. Which sounds odd because a hole is nothing, it’s the absence of something. I went to a big box store, spoke to a guy, and paid money for a tool so I could go home and create nothing. Hmmm.

The Romans Used Tools

The Romans built roads, aqueducts, fortresses, and impressive buildings in great cities. They knew about tools. They used tools to torture and execute their enemies and criminals. They didn’t invent the scourge, they just added pieces of glass and bits of sharp metal. They didn’t invent the cross, but made crucifixion an art form. They made it hurt more and last longer. The Romans were good with tools.

The right tool for the right job.

To Close

I like tools, but I’m not very good with them. I try to honor my Dad’s heritage of self-reliance, that a good man maintains and repairs his equipment. I do what I can.

Good tools create, build, repair and make our lives better.

I’m sorry Jesus had to experience the other kind. But he did.

Just a thought.


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