Nothing But Green Lights

The other day I was driving to my early morning coffee and experienced something simply amazing. Every light between my house and the coffee place, and there are 19 lights, was green! It was so sweet.

What An Actor Said

An actor once made the following remark regarding a friend of his,

 “Your life has been one unbroken boulevard of green lights, hasn’t it?”

It was meant as a joke, and as a way of saying, “Wow, If I had your life and your money then I would be happier than I could ever imagine being.” 


But That’s Life?

The idea of a person’s life being an “unbroken boulevard of green lights” suggests a life lived without problems, setbacks, or defeats.

Do you think it’s real? Are there people who glide down easy street; living a charmed life free of everything un-charming? There might be someone like that, but probably not.

Hiding The Red

Some of us hide the red lights, pretending everything is great when it really isn’t. Our ego pushes us to present ourselves as better, advanced, or superior to others, when really we are faking it, just posing for effect.

Some Posing Behaviors

  1. That our kids are better, smarter, or more gifted.
  2. That we enjoy a lifestyle beyond that of our peers.
  3. Feigning success and allowing others to believe it.
  4. That our careers are better than they are.
  5. Inflating the happiness of our lives.
  6. Saying things to sound impressive.
  7. Using information to inflate our importance.
  8. Spending money we don’t have to impress people who don’t matter.

To Close

Just know that nobody has a perfect life, nobody lives on green light boulevard. Instead of posing, we should invest our energies in loving and serving our families and friends, and loving them well.

Let’s not waste our time sustaining the façade of a make believe life.

Nobody believes it anyway.


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