I’m Building A Workbench

This morning I’m building a custom work bench in my garage. “Custom” may be generous. It’s something I’m building verses assembling out of a box. I’ll be lucky if its level, doesn’t fall down, and actually supports work.

Carpentry Skills?

I’m admitting that I’m not a skilled carpenter, nor an expert on workbenches. But building it will be fun. I liked building things when I was a kid, but usually that was just some cardboard boxes fashioned into a fort that collapsed at the first sign of rain.

Why Does Any of This Matter?

It really doesn’t matter, but I’m blogging about it because it reveals something about human nature. Although unskilled, it nevertheless gives me great joy to build it. The workbench won’t be awesome, but will be something I did with my hands, wit, and determination. I guess you don’t have to be awesome at something to still enjoy it!

It’s Not Like Preaching

I’ve been preaching for 37 years and people actually pay me to do it. It’s how I make my living. I’ve recently had a book published, and there will be others, but frankly, although I’m a good writer, I’m not excellent and I think you have to be excellent to make a living. I’ll stick with my day job.

My Point?

I’m expected to sustain a certain level of quality in my professional life, and I should. It’s my calling, my passion, and in many ways, it defines my life.

But no one will ever pay me to build a workbench. Still, I’m going to have a lot of fun building it. Why? Because there’s no pressure for it to be awesome and it however it turns out, it will be something I did just for myself.

To Close

Jesus was a carpenter and probably a stone mason. It was inevitable that he would be excellent at whatever he did. Still, his life wasn’t meant for tables, chairs, or workbenches.

He had a destiny, a calling and a passion and it did include something made from wood, but it wasn’t any fun. However, it was something he did with excellence. He inspires me.


Just a few thoughts. Have a good week end.


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