“My Kind of Happiness”

Good morning Holy Spirit. It’s nearly October and its cool this morning and it promises to be a really great day! 

Something Simple

I’m feeling the need for brevity and simplicity. So, here goes.

Simply Grateful

This morning I’m aware of my blessings and want to say thank you. So thank you Lord. Thank you for so much:

  1. For my Colorado friend having a successful surgery.
  2. For friends who support me in every way.
  3. A wonderful church that blesses me every day.
  4. A loving wife by my side for nearly 40 years.
  5. For two fabulous kids.
  6. That I am healthy and strong.
  7. For being free, prosperous, and alive to enjoy it.
  8. For salvation in Jesus the Messiah.

(As I’m writing, a friend just walked in with donuts, I am so blessed!)

There’s more to be thankful for. But those eight reflect a life of blessing, purpose, and fellowship; with God, his people, and with family and friends. Such is the life of a blessed man and today I’m aware of how blessed I am.


Not Every Day

It isn’t every day that I feel this good. Some days are a struggle, there are trials and hardships, and there are burdens that weigh me down; but not today.

To Close

Like the man said in the movie, “To tell you the truth, I have failed in life as much as I’ve succeeded, but I love my wife, I love my life, and I wish for you my kind of happiness.”

Take that as you will.

Be thankful if you can. Gratitude and attitude have a lot to do with each other.


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