The Small Injustices of Life

It’s about eight months. That’s how long I’m forced to wait from the end of college football to the opening day of the new season. 


Then It Happens

Opening day finally arrives. For me, it’s like a national holiday. I clear my calendar, finish my meetings, and run my errands. Then its game time. I’m fanatical about watching my favorite team, but really, just about any game will do.

Then It Happened

Opening day was just days away. We had recently moved to a new house, I’d called to have service transferred, and guess what? They went to the old house. Don’t ask. They rescheduled the installation for a week later. I missed the opening game.

Then It Happened Again

The next week, I got the satellite hooked up, but a rain storm hit that Saturday afternoon, and it hit hard, and I missed all of the first half because of weather interference. Uh huh.

Not Again, Right?

It happened again. My game of the week was severely abbreviated by a technical difficulty. Okay, I may have caused the difficulty by accidentally cutting the cable, but it’s a common problem that has probably happened to millions. Or at least to me. Either way, no game.


So after impatiently waiting for eight months, I’ve missed all or most of my favorite team’s first three games. And lots of other games too. Was I being punished for my sins?

I’m Not The Only One

I’m reminded of others who missed out on some things. Zechariah and Elizabeth  prayed for a child until they were too old to have children. Then they had a son,  John the Baptist. Abraham and Sarah waited and waited and pretty much gave up. They tried a different plan through a surrogate mother, but it only resulted in great conflict when Isaac was later born to Sarah.

The Apostles were impatient for a kingdom that they believed would exalt them to the top.

Was Elijah impatient, waiting by the brook, and then stayed for three years in the upstairs room of the widow’s house? Did he wonder if God would ever use him?

Even Jesus

Even Jesus got frustrated by his disciple’s arguing, their lack of faith and their impatience with the constant demands of the huge crowds. 

To close

Sometimes the smallest things can cause our biggest frustrations. But I’m sure there are bigger issues, greater injustices, and more important challenges than my missing a few football games.

super bowl

So I’ll close with:

“Good Morning Holy Spirit. Please forgive me if I have been preoccupied with petty issues. Please help me today with self-control, patience, and faithfulness in serving the Father. Help me to honor the King of the Kingdom of Light. Amen.


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