Thank You Lord For Friends

Friends are the best. But what does that mean? Are friends the best because the alternative is the worst? What are they the best at?


Friends Are the Best

Friends are the best because they put up with our weaknesses, foibles, and idiosyncrasies. They are the best because they are willing to stay connected with us. They show up when needed, help us when we’re helpless, and provide significant social bonds. We would be sorely diminished without them.

Top Ten Things Friends Have Done Lately

  1. Fixed meals for us when we moved in to our new house.
  2. Invited us over when we were in the extended stay hotel.
  3. Disconnected the old kitchen sink so the new one could be installed.
  4. Volunteered to help move us and meant it.
  5. Bought my book even when they didn’t really want it.
  6. Gave us a house warming gift that was really cool.
  7. Sent a care basket of things we needed while getting settled.
  8. Continued to ask if there was anything they could do.
  9. Called to check on me.
  10. Listened to me while I whined and complained about stuff.

As I review the list, I’m aware of how dotty and feeble I seem to be. Hmmm, good thing I have friends. 


The greatest part of that list is what’s behind it. My friends are sensitive, caring, thoughtful people. They think about how to help. They anticipate what’s needed. They go out of their way. They are just the best.


Friends I Want To Thank

I want to give a big shout of thanks to Louie and Mary, to Nick and Suzie, and to Adam, and to Zack and Matilda; and especially to Frieda and Farley. (Not their real names, but they know who they are.)

Even Jesus

I like to think of Jesus as a rugged individualist who lived without the need of friends, support, or fellowship. He was the Emanuel, God with us, and so what need of friends did the Messiah have? 

Yet he was a frequent guest in Martha’s home, with her sister Mary and brother Lazarus. Jesus wept with the sisters when Lazarus died. He was often in Simon Peter’s home. His closest disciples were sometimes frustrating, yet I get the sense that he loved them dearly and kept them close to his heart. He once told them no one had greater love than the one who laid his life down for his friends. Jesus laid his life down for them. 

Wrapping Up

So I say, “Good morning Holy Spirit.” I ask that you watch over my friends, to bless them, guide them, and to help them this day. I ask that you protect and deliver them from evil.

And I pause to say, “Thank you Father for the gift of friendship, and for the friends you have given me.”



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