Good Neighbors?

We recently moved to a new house, it’s an older home, but new to us. Moving is always such great fun. Except for when it’s not, and the exception seems to be the rule.

The New Neighborhood

The new neighborhood is phenomenal. I love the mature landscaping, the big oak trees, the well-manicured lawns, and the general sense that the place is populated by people who care.

The New Neighbors

On The Right

We’ve not actually met them. But as we have gone out or as they have come in, we have received a hearty, “Hello new neighbor, we want to meet you, sorry, but we have to run, welcome to the neighborhood.” They seem friendly and affable. We look forward to getting better acquainted.

Across The Street

I was rolling the trash bins out to the curb, when a barking dog launched himself in my direction. Clearly unleashed, he closed the distance before I could widen it. But not to worry, I lowered my hand, he sniffed it, then sniffed again, and decided to be my new best friend. The smiling owner walked over with her sweet little daughter and introduced herself. Then her husband came over and my wife came out and we visited and got well acquainted. They are an adorable young family, even the dog.

On The Left

She stopped to say hello and was very welcoming. She mentioned her husband was retired and enjoyed talking and that he was looking forward to meeting me, he did. They happen to be Jewish and we happen to be Gentile. Which became more relevant when he discovered I was a Church of Christ minister. We moved to a discussion of Old Testament history. It was fine till he realized I’d been to Israel more than him, that I’d traveled the Holy Land more, and possessed a greater knowledge of the Law of Moses and the Prophets. I wasn’t showing off, I promise. We’re going to be good friends.

Not Me: I have more hair and don’t usually wear straw hats

Hit Or Miss

Our old neighbors weren’t particularly neighborly. Our new neighbors are outgoing and helpful. Sometimes neighbors are nice and sometimes they aren’t.

Not Our New Neighbors, But Close

Here’s The Thing

What kind of neighbor am I?

Jesus said to love our neighbor as ourselves. Huh. Am I friendly, outgoing, and neighborly? Am I more like Jesus or am I more like the grouchy curmudgeon that yells at the neighbor kids to get off my grass?

To Close

I wouldn’t want Jesus to be my neighbor. There would be too many cars, strange people, and noisy nights. Plus, he would want to talk over the back fence, drop by uninvited, and be gloriously positive, all the time. And he would want me to be like him.

I don’t mind being the light of world as long as I don’t have to shine, be a beacon, or assist anyone.

Well, on that upbeat note, I ‘ll just close by saying: Happy neighboring everybody!


One thought on “Good Neighbors?

  1. Move next door to us. Hopefully we would meet your standards of good neighbors, but wouldn’t expect you to be Jesus except when we have our weekly crisis. 😜


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