Life In Parentheses

A key to better living is learning how to manage the parentheses, the brackets, the time-outs known as transitions.

Regular Life

When life bumps along at regular speed, with predictable days and smooth, easy living, well, life seems pretty sweet and easily managed.

But when it doesn’t?

Irregular Life

When life is lived at a jagged pace, with unpredictable events and curve balls interrupting the flow of happy days, well, I don’t like that as much. It’s unwelcome, but unavoidable. 

Interruptions come. Some are annoying; others are painful, and some are filled with grief, while others offer exciting changes and opportunities. 

Interruptions burrow into our lives, creating seasons of difference and moments of change. We experience them with faith, sometimes gritting our teeth, and when appropriate, with gratitude.

For Rick And Danielle

For the past eight years, we have commuted to church, 22 miles each way. The fastest route takes us on two freeways with two toll booths. Average drive time is 32 minutes going and 40 minutes returning. During the 8 years, both freeways have been under construction. Stop and go traffic is normal and at least twice a week are accidents resulting in further delays. Welcome to Houston. 

So We Moved

We made a change, to have a parenthesis, to live in the brackets. We sold our house, packed up, and moved into our dream home. We are so happy!

Oops. Sorry, that’s not what happened. Nope, the dream home slipped through our fingers. So we put everything in storage and moved into an extended stay hotel. Man, has that been fun!  I wish we could stay forever, not.

That was five weeks ago. But we found a house and we close tomorrow morning. Brackets, parentheses, and moments of change.

We Are So Exited

We are enthused to be on this side of town. Our drive to church requires no freeways, hi-ways, or toll roads. It’s awesome.


The Real Trick

But the challenge to living a happy life isn’t managing the exciting things, it’s managing the other stuff.

So stay with me over the next few weeks. I will be blogging about some steps and guidelines for managing the mind fields and for coping when life isn’t easily lived.

For today: I offer you the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit. Live well. Be joyful. Find beauty and comfort in someone or something around you. Honor God with your life.


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