Serving or Selling?

Good Morning Holy Spirit. How can I serve you today? Is there anything you want me to do? Anyone you want me to help? Anywhere you need me to be?

Holy Spirit, my heart is open, my spirit is willing, and my mind is available. Use me as you will, send me as you need, fill me with your presence. I am here and I belong to you. Help me make today a joyful and fruitful day to your glory. Amen.

This is my prayer for today; but is it everyone’s? Will some have a different perspective?

A Different Perspective

Selling the faith. Making a profit. Marketing Jesus. Exploiting believers.

Paul mentioned those who saw Godliness as a means to financial gain. Its Christianity for sale and the Christians can be easy prey for the wolves.

There’s A Good Profit Margin In Sales

  1. Jesus Loves You ash trays
  2. Jesus Loves You beer koozies
  3. Anointed Prayer Cloth for miracles
  4. Anointed Prayer Beads for miracles
  5. Anointed Prayer Rug for miracles
  6. Holy Spirit Blessed Anointing Oil
  7. The Peace of God Vacation Time Shares
  8. Somebody somewhere is selling something that is fake and empty.

Our Lord said that the people of the world were more shrewd than were the people of the light. Was he right?

He also said that his kingdom was not of this world.

At Southeast This Morning

I’m speaking on the new birth. Specifically, the lesson will contrast the faith of one person with the faith of others.

One will see the Holy Spirit as an opportunity for power, fame, and personal wealth. The others will see that having the Holy Sprit will cost them everything: influence, respect, and even their livelihoods. Will it be worth it?

A Target Rich Environment

True faith begins in the heart and spreads into all aspects of life. Except for the charlatan, the profiteer. He exploits the faithful for selfish motives, he is not of the faith. 

Some will gain the joy of the Holy Spirit. One will lose his faith and nearly be destroyed by  sin and bitterness. It’s an interesting contrast.

Come join us at 8:30 or 10:45, or join the live stream with our e-campus members at:


Southeast Church of Christ, 2400 Bay Area Blvd, Friendswood

I’ll be looking for you!

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