Finding Old Treasures!

Looking forward to what’s behind us. That’s the interesting part of places that feature reclaimed stuff.

Not A Thrift Store

Thrift stores have their value too. But I’m talking about vintage items that are highly prized.

I recently visited the Houston Historic Salvage Warehouse. Its full of reclaimed things from vintage bathtubs to ancient tongue and groove flooring; from solid hardwood doors to ancient light fixtures. If you like rummaging through items old and older, well there you go. I discovered treasures at all kinds of prices.

I bought a board.

Here’s The Thing

I can find cool, old stuff; I just don’t know what to do with it. That takes someone with instincts and I don’t have any instincts, I just stink. At least I do when it comes to incorporating the old with the new. 

Jesus Had Vintage Instincts

He assured his listeners that he hadn’t come to trash the Law of Moses. In fact, his aim was to respect and support even the smallest piece of Mosaic Law. And he did, from the greatest to the smallest; he fulfilled everything.

Consider This

The challenge of the old is that it needs to blend with the new. How can a hard wood door, decades old, work in my new house? How can a vintage chandelier work with modern décor?

Jesus didn’t ignore the old; he championed it.

But I have struggled to do so:

From: “Jesus Our Messiah”

*“Over time, it seemed to me that the Old Testament was more than just missing; it had become something akin to a worn-out lawn mower. In my family, when the lawn mower wore out, we bought a new one. The old one was kept out back behind the garage. But why use a worn-out mower when a new and better one was sitting in the garage?”

Some Encouragement

On this Saturday morning, let me encourage you not to think of your Bible as 2/3rds ancient and deficient. Your Bible is inspired and essential from Genesis to Revelation.

Closing: Find the beauty of the old and the new, they blend beautifully! 



*Page 14 

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