One Of Those Moments

There are moments in life that are difficult, hard, and overwhelming.

Then there’s the other kind, the sweet and wonderful moments, the kind you wish would never end. Yesterday was one of those.

Yesterday my church blessed me beyond what I could have imagined.


The Blessing

I’m referring to a book-signing event that was held in our church. I’ve recently had a book published and the church’s leaders publicly endorsed it and encouraged attendance for the book signing. 


A First Timer

A first time author doesn’t know if the book will be good. Sometimes a book isn’t very good but people like the author so they buy a copy anyway. And if they can get the author’s signature, then even better.

I signed a lot of books yesterday.

The Point

It’s wonderful having  great friends. Its even better when they are fellow-church members. My church is brimming over with kind and supportive people, kind and support friends. 

I was abundantly blessed.

I guess all of us like hearing certain things now and then. To hear people say, “Congratulations Rick, we are so proud of you,” was, well, pretty wonderful.

It was a very emotional day.

So Good Morning Holy Spirit

As I rise to start a new day and a new week. I greet the Holy Spirit asking him to bless my friends who are going back to school today. To bless the moms and dads who are dropping off a child for the first time. I ask the Holy Spirit to bless my church, for they stood in line to bless me.

Let’s Close This Out

I am button-popping proud of my Southeast family. They have a sweet and gentle spirit, and they absolutely know how to love and care for their preacher.

I ask the Holy Spirit to bless those that set everything up, and staffed the table, and made the refreshments, and did everything to make the day special.

Yesterday was one of those moments, the kind you wish would never end.

Thank you church.

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