Something I Needed To Do

My wife has been encouraging me to write a book. But I was resistant.

  1. I wasn’t a good enough writer.
  2. Who was I to write a book?
  3. I didn’t have anything to write about.

She disagreed, and kept encouraging me.

Then Israel

Then about five years ago my church’s leadership sent us to Israel. We had never been.

Touring the Holy Land can be a nice vacation or a life changing experience. For me it was the ladder. I came home deeply affected, inspired to study, to read and to research.

Here’s What Happened

I became immersed in the Jewish Roots movement. The JRM is the discovery of how the bible’s history and message are deeply rooted in the Hebrew culture. There is so much more to learn, to know, and to be blessed by. 

And Then…

After a year of study and research, I went back to Israel. Which led to more study, research, and awareness. And then I went back again for a personal tour. Emerging from all of that was a series of lessons I preached to my church entitled, “Our Spiritual Roots.”

I wanted to show them how the Scripture is one seamless message from Genesis to Revelation, all of which points to him. I hoped they would see how the whole Bible is rooted in the message and story of the Messiah.

As A Result

After that series, I was convinced I had something to write about. And so I did. The book’s title is:

                      Jesus Our Messiah

              From the Covenant to the Cross


Is It Any Good?

I don’t know if its any good, my readers will decide. But I’ll tell you that it came right out of my heart, right from my soul.

Some Encouragement

So let me invite you to read my book. It’s neither a commentary nor a textbook. It’s personal, illustrated with beautiful and powerful stories, and is a journey beginning with Abraham’s blood covenant with God and concludes at the cross.

I hope it draws you closer to the heart of Jesus.

You can read more about the book at my website, there is even a brief video about the book, just click on the Projects tab.

If you would like a copy, you can buy one from the website.

Also: for those of you in the Houston area, I’m having a book signing tomorrow from 12:00-2:30, and the book will be available as well.

Southeast Church of Christ, 2400 West Bay Area Blvd, Friendswood

God bless you.

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