Fall Classic: College Football!

As the summer wears on, it becomes more and more difficult to contain my excitement. Not that my excitement is so big that if it lost containment it would threaten the world.

I’m just excited.

About To Start

In just a couple of weeks the NCAA College Football Season launches. College Football. It doesn’t get any better.


Evidently, all humanity falls into two categories: those who are die-hard, hard-core, fanatical college football fans, and everyone else.

Here are some thoughts regarding our two global groups of humanity.

The College Football Enthusiast

  1. Is better equipped to handle life’s problems.
  2. Has a greater capacity for strategic thinking.
  3. Can recognize the quality of great snacks.
  4. Is usually more successful and climbs the ladder faster.
  5. Generally, is a nicer person and a better neighbor.

The Non-College Football Enthusiast

  1. Lacks vision.
  2. Prefers to watch reruns of Lawrence Welk.
  3. Goes to bed early and would miss the big games anyway.
  4. Prefers a rousing game of Scrabble.
  5. Is often less successful and doesn’t know about the ladder.

Perhaps I’m a little biased, maybe. But it’s okay; it’s good to be on the side of truth, freedom, and the American way.

Who Else Would Be A Huge Fan?

  1. Simon Peter: he would be big for Texas A&M.
  2. King David, the most victorious King in Israel’s history: Florida Gators.
  3. Judas Iscariot: Alabama, LSU, or maybe Notre Dame.
  4. Apostle John: Longhorn fan, he always sided with deep tradition.
  5. Jesus: he would root for everyone, but down deep: Texas Tech (I know, I just threw that in to score points with a Red Raider friend.)

Texas A&M Seating Lawsuit 4  471_Texas_Longhorns_DKR_Texas_Memorial_Stadium_1


I Love It

The pageantry and traditions, the crisp autumn afternoons, the packed stadiums with raucous enthusiasm, it all works for me. College football can never start soon enough and its always ends way to soon.


Okay, I Get It

I know, it’s not for everyone. There are people in the world who exist in the other group. And you are good people; I love you, and I want you to have a good life.

Bless your hearts.

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