Are Capes Coming Back?

Now For Some Nonsense: You’ve Been Warned

Men In Capes

What’s the deal about men in capes? Do they keep them warm? Is it a fashion statement? If it is a fashion statement, what does it say?

We’ve Seen Capes


Superman Looks Good In A Cape
The Batman Wears A Cape
thor wears a cape
Thor Can Wear A Cape!
boys in capes
What About These Guys?
cat in mask and cape
Captain Whiskers
Men in capes 3
Here’s A Guy In A Cape, What Do You Think?


I’m not a super hero, nor have I played one on TV. However, I was the Royal King in a High School play. I wore a crown, held a scepter, and had a cape. I actually felt pretty cool.

I was seventeen. They made me give the cape back.

Who Am I To Judge

But who am I to judge men wearing capes. I still wear banded collar shirts and pleated pants, with cuffs.

Wonder Woman has a cape, but frankly, she’d look good in a sack.

wonder woman in cape


Perhaps the cape is a symbol of authority? Or maybe they have protective properties? Would super man still look cool if his cape didn’t wave like a flag? Batman’s sidekick Robin wears a cape, but it seems superfluous, not super. I think its purely decorative. 

Be Happy?

I say wear what you want, wear what you like. Wear what makes you feel good. But be modest, and cover up what common decency demands to be hidden.

Fellas, pull your pants up, wear a belt, nobody wants to see the top of your underwear, it’s not a fashion statement, its’ just ugly and in poor taste.

Girls, please don’t wear tops that are designed to reveal your undergarment straps. Nobody needs to see that. Its not attractive, is isn’t interesting, its just tacky.

Men, we need to either lose weight or buy shirts that are long enough to cover our big stomachs. Talk about something nobody wants to see!

And Finally

To the young: cover up, be modest, and don’t show it off.

To the older: cover up, be modest, you don’t want to gross people out.

Maybe its time to rethink the cape thing.

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