Are You A Believer?

Do you believe?

Believing Can Be Tough

Believing isn’t easy. Belief requires an acknowledgement of something being true, but also that some of it must be taken on faith.

All Kinds Of Things

People ask us to believe in all kinds of things, even things not ethereal, and far less erudite.

Some Examples:

  1. There were no lunar landings, all faked.
  2. Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter
  3. A shadow-world group plotting to make us wear plaid.
  4. An elixir so potent, so concentrated, that it will heal mankind.
  5. Bigfoot is real, he is alive and living closer than you think.


Those claims can’t be proven. There may be evidence, or science, but if we believe, we’ll have to take some of it on faith.

Me? I believe we went to the moon. I live around the corner from NASA, here in Houston. I know NASA engineers and employees. I even know someone who did pubic relations for NASA. They are friends of mine and attend my church. They are mostly believable and nearly credible. After all, they are literally rocket scientists.

(Actually, they are highly credible and respected.)


The other things? Well, Lincoln hunting vampires is a stretch. The World-Be-Plaid group might exist, but I look good in plaid, so? Bigfoot is a myth, a total fabrication, probably.

The thing that keeps me awake at night is the miracle elixir. What if that’s real? What if it could make me smarter, give me more energy, and stop my hair from falling out? Man, I’d buy it even if did just one of those things.


My good friend takes a miracle elixir. She lives by it, takes it twice a day.

She believes.

So I tried a sample. It didn’t taste great, but what miracle elixir does? I chased it down with a glass of lemon water. What happened? Well, I woke up this morning. I slept great, I feel great, and no kidding, I may be even a little smarter. Not sure.

I doff my cap to those who commit to their beliefs. We have way too much cynicism and jadedness in our world. I’m having a little fun at my friend’s expense, but truthfully, I say good for her. Be healthy, commit to good things, believe and be better.

Even the Bible says to test everything, to hold on to the good and avoid every bad thing.

In Closing

I believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead. There are reasons to believe, there were sightings, interactions, evidences of the resurrection. But part of it I accept by faith.

I believe.


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