Patience: Virtue or Virus?

For this blog to make sense, I should tell you that I’ve finished my book, its been released, and its called, “Jesus Our Messiah.”


I wrote it to help people connect more deeply with the heart of Jesus. I hope it builds a greater appreciation for the Messiah, and will feed minds with new thoughts and touch hearts with its stories and illustrations.

Here’s The Thing

The book was scheduled for release by the end of June, but it wasn’t. The publisher gave a new release date of July 7- 21. That didn’t happen either. I was getting a little miffed. I’d promised people the book was coming, plans were made, book signings set up, and so forth. And I was waiting for a shipment of books for local distribution.

So I upped my engagement. There were emails, phone calls, and more waiting and wondering. Finally, I was told my books would arrive August 5-8. They didn’t.

More Verbal Engagement

My frustration growing, I decided to connect with someone higher up in the company, and I did. She listened patiently and said, “Mr. Fyffe, I’m so sorry for all of this, I assure you that I will find out what’s going on and call you back.” She seemed sincere and credible, and I believed her, but expected to hear back in a day or two.

It was 5 minutes later.

What She Said

She said, “Mr. Fyffe, I’m not sure why there’s been a disconnect with our print department, but your books were shipped a week ago. I have 21 tracking numbers for you, a number for each box, and I’m emailing them to you right now.” I was speechless, and little embarrassed.

I politely thanked her, and “ding” her email arrived. All 21 boxes were in route, and guess what? They were scheduled for delivery on August 9. I did a double check, realizing it was August 9. As I checked the delivery date for each box, the UPS truck arrived. The 21 boxes, with my 600 books, were safe and sound.

Good grief Charlie Brown.

Lessons Learned, Or At Least Realized

  1. Whenever possible, talk with an eagle, not a turkey.
  2. Never doubt the possibility that you are the turkey.
  3. Patience is a virtue.
  4. Having patience is a victory.
  5. Growing in patience is like having a virus.

The Finish Line

I’m proud of myself for getting a book published. I’m writing my next book, about the Holy Spirit, and it should be released around this time next year.

I like writing about the Messiah, and the Holy Spirit, and hope to publish several works in the years to come. But I don’t like waiting, being tolerant, and I don’t like being patient. Maybe I should write a book about that?


The Holy Spirit sure enjoys giving me opportunities to work on my Christianity.

*If interested, you can find “Jesus Our Messiah” by Richard M. Fyffe on Amazon.



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