Seeing is Believing, Right?

The coolest thing happened. I had stopped for coffee, was checking email, and saw a message from someone I didn’t know.

Friends From Long Ago

It was from a woman my parents knew long ago. Her husband, like my dad, was stationed at Bentwater Air Base, near Ipswich, about 80 miles northeast of London.

Both couples had young children, and had shared much in common, and grew close during those years in England.  That was in 1957-1961.

Then she decided to reconnect with my mother, but didn’t know where she was. She had heard that I was a preacher in Texas and through the Internet found me and got my email from the church web site.

Did I Remember Her?

I didn’t remember her, just a faint sense that they were friends of my parents during those years abroad. 

To demonstrate she wasn’t scamming me, like a Nigerian Prince in trouble, she attached some pictures. They were black and white photos of my brothers and me, I’d never seen them, but I knew I wasn’t being scammed.

Little Ricky, Four Years Old


I called my mom and explained the email, and she was excited to reconnect with an old friend from fifty years ago. I sent her the photos. 

I wasn’t sure about the email until I saw the pictures. Somebody once said, “Seeing is believing.”

Do You Remember Thomas?

After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples. But Thomas wasn’t there and when they later told him that Jesus had come, he doubted. He said that unless he saw the nail marks and put his hand in his side, that he would not believe.

Jesus did appear to Thomas and showed his nail scars and allowed him to put his hand in his side. Then Thomas declared, “ My Lord and My God.”

But his belief was based on seeing the scars.

Jesus said that those who believed without seeing the scars would be truly blessed.

Wrapping This Up

I wasn’t sure the email was real until I saw the pictures.

I would love to meet Jesus face to face. I would give anything to take him out to lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant and talk and ask questions and be blessed by his presence.

Why is it, even after all these years, that the idea of seeing Jesus in person would boost my faith and deepen my resolve to serve him?

The Close

Blessed are they who believe that Jesus is the Son of God; and that he was crucified, buried, and rose on the third day.

I believe.

Still, a picture or two would be pretty cool. Just saying.

empty tomb


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