A Friend Like You

Last week a good friend spoke at our Summer Wednesday Night Program. His message was on friendship; it was really good, his lessons always are.

He used Jonathon and David as a basis for the lesson. He spoke of the loyalty and devotion they shared. He spoke of how difficult it must have been to sustain their friendship, since  there was a major issue.

Great Friends! A Blessing From God?

The Issue

It’s good when your parents like your friends. But it wasn’t so for Jonathon. His father was Saul, the reigning King of Israel. The issue was that the King hated David, despising him with all his heart. He was jealous, envious, and felt threatened by David’s popularity. Saul vowed to murder David.

Imagine The Strain

Can you imagine the strain; how awkward and complicated it would be to have a best friend that your dad was committed to killing?


How did Jonathon manage it? Did he ever feel torn; did he struggle with the polarizing loyalties? Can you imagine sitting at the king’s table, listening to him spew his vitriol venom about your closest friend, a friend who you thought of as a brother?

It must have been horrible.

At The End

At the close of their lives, King Saul, Jonathan, and Israel’s army were engaged in battle with an enemy. Saul and Jonathon went down together, side by side. Somehow Jonathon found a way to remain loyal to David without betraying his father.

David mourned deeply for his friend.

Friendship’s Complexities

  1. When your spouse doesn’t like your friend.
  2. When you don’t like your spouse’s friend.
  3. When time and distance separate us.
  4. When our families don’t mesh or blend well.
  5. When conflicts and issues threaten to divide.

There are more.

Friends are good to have, really good friends are a blessing, and really good friends who are loyal for life can be a once in a lifetime experience.

Great Friends: Loyal For Ever!

Closing Thoughts

Over the weekend, some really good friends did something exceptional. It blessed and benefited us and it came when we needed it most.

I don’t believe either one of their Dads want to kill me; at least not that I’m aware of.

Just the same, great friends help in great ways and often do so in just the right way and at just the right time. This morning, I am so grateful for great friends. 

Thanks guys, you are the best!


One thought on “A Friend Like You

  1. The great thing about “GREAT FRIENDS” is that even when you don’t get to see them, you always know they are there. And if you need them they are close. Thanks for being a “GREAT FRIEND”!


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