Good Morning Holy Spirit

Its Saturday and there’s a lot to do. It’s a change of pace from the Monday-Friday press, but it’s still a hurried pace, and it still presses.

Jesus And Saturdays

I woke up this morning wondering how Jesus spent his Saturdays. For the Jews, Shabbat began Friday evening and continued till Saturday evening. They went to synagogue for prayer and the reading of Torah and the Prophets. At home his family engaged with each other in the pursuit of personal and family rest and renewal.


Imagine That!

Most of us can’t imagine a weekly, one-day observance devoted to church, family, and the home. The home was where the heart was, and home was where families wanted to be. Can you imagine?

Typical American Saturday

  1. Sleep in at least till 6:30.
  2. Get up, make coffee, and get ready.
  3. Get the kids up and get them ready.
  4. Then go to soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, dancing, gymnastics, acting, hunting, biking, fishing, birthday parties, family gatherings, church activities, lunch with friends, the mall, shopping, groceries, filling up the tank, washing the car, mowing the grass, edging the yard, trimming the hedges, fixing what’s broken, getting a hair cut, doing the laundry, cleaning house, getting the kids in bed, collapsing. Then get up Sunday morning, threaten the kids, get everyone in the car, and drive to church to worship for an hour.


Are We Completely Insane?

People, we aren’t getting better, just busier. We have bought into this madness hook line, and sinker. We fear our children will turn out warped and disadvantaged by not enrolling, registering, and signing them up for everything. Our peers are doing it so we do it too. We aren’t going to be left out, no sir. We join the fray, smile, and keep soldiering on.

How is any of this an improvement on the concept of Sabbath? Friday evening was a special meal with special family time. Saturday morning was spent at synagogue for a couple of hours, and the rest of day was spent together, at home. Every week. 

I Know

It’s not going to change. We’ve traded conversation and relational connection for screens, events, and entertainment. We rush to give our money for anything fun. We are addicts and junkies. We need a detox program.

I’ve counseled too many young fathers who will commit to fun family activities, but struggle to talk with their kids for even a few minutes a week.

In Closing

It’s the culture of a materialistic, consumer based economy, crafted for people obsessed with being entertained. We’re all amped up for seeing, touching, doing, and experiencing. It’s a culture open to the public 24/7. It seeks us with passion and programs us to want it, need it, and worst of all, to define ourselves by it.

It’s just a thought.

Anyway, Good Morning Holy Spirit

2 thoughts on “Good Morning Holy Spirit

  1. I can’t think of the first portion about what Satan wants from us, but the second half is most significant anyway. He just wants to keep us busy. You are are on point. Prayers for heaven’s eyesight.


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