Smooth As Butter

Good Morning Holy Spirit

His Purpose

I’ve come to believe that the primary work of the Holy Spirit is connecting people to God, to be the bridge. Once connected, he assists the connected to stay connected.

Some Examples

  1. Revealing God’s glory in the Tabernacle
  2. Empowering the Priests, Judges, Kings, Prophets, & Apostles
  3. Indwelling believers as the guarantee of what is to come
  4. Sharing his ministry of presence in moments of great worship
  5. Leading believers to honor God with their lives

An Illustration

Yesterday morning I was trying to open a gate to a back yard. I was met with resistance. No, it wasn’t a growling dog. The resistance came from the gate itself.

heavy gates

First of all, the double gates were huge, constructed of large beams and solid iron. They were hard to open. The gate mechanism was heavy-duty and I wrestled with it with no success. I thought, “I must be doing something wrong.” And then I thought, “This dumb thing doesn’t work.”

Well, it worked just fine. I just didn’t know how to work it. In fact, after I relaxed and stopped trying to force it, the gate easily unlatched, smooth as butter. Later, as I was leaving, I left impressed with the craftsmanship, design, and quality of the gates.

Here’s My Point

The Holy Spirit can seem hard to figure at times and any one of us might wonder if he is really helping at all, or even present.

I assure you he is. But like the gates, the Spirit doesn’t respond to brute strength, he can’t be muscled, he won’t be strong-armed. The Spirit works best when I’m relaxed, calm, and allowing him to breath his gentleness within me. The Spirit’s influence is smooth, like melted butter.

Once you know the Spirit, you too will be impressed. You will find him beautiful, very well crafted, and though kind and gentle, he is also amazingly strong.

In Closing

The Spirit invites you in, welcoming you into the Father’s presence. 

Don’t wrestle with the gate. Be still, be humble, and let the sweet Holy Spirit guide you into the greatest relationship you will ever have.

Jesus at heaven's gates.jpg

Welcome home.


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