Watching The Paint Dry

Patience is a virtue and procrastination a vice. Somewhere in the middle is sitting on the fence, also known as being indecisive. I’ve done all three.

Don’t Rush In

I’ve been told, “Don’t rush in, think it through, seek sound advice, pray and ask for wisdom.” Great counsel, excellent virtues. I couldn’t agree more.

Be Decisive

I’ve also been told, “Don’t get caught watching the paint dry. You need to get up and get going. The early bird gets the worm.” Great counsel, excellent virtues. I couldn’t agree more.

It’s One Or The Other?

I know that both approaches have merit and each can be the right choice depending on the circumstances.

However, I usually wait to long to see the Doctor. But I also act on impulse. I’ve had  opportunities but failed to capitalize due to fear and doubt. And I’ve leapt before looking.

Knowing when to act, when to wait, and when to walk away can be difficult. I suppose the hard knocks school produces wisdom for us all.

Some Missed Opportunities

  1. Missed some great trout because I was looking somewhere else.
  2. Missed a half price sale on the TV I wanted waiting for a better deal.
  3. Missed a sold out concert because I procrastinated on buying the tickets.

You get the idea. And there are more important things than fish, TV’s and concerts.

What Paul Said

Paul said, in reference to Isaiah 49:8 that, “Today is the day of salvation.” I’m often confused by people who procrastinate entering the Kingdom of God. People will obfuscate, avoid, and neglect the salvation of Christ. They know he seeks to save them and yet for reasons beyond understanding, people will treat the grace of God like a casual thing, as if it just isn’t important.

Maybe it’s a lack of faith, or maybe they aren’t ready. Or maybe it’s a lot of things. But if I’m hurt, injured, bleeding and in pain, I really need a physician. And if I’m lost, separated from God, and living in hopelessness, I really need the great physician.

To Close

Faith and certainty are essential for seeking the Lamb of God’s cleansing power.

But don’t put it off, and don’t ride the fence. Don’t get caught watching the paint dry while you’re dying in sin.



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