Smart And Intelligent?

Is there a difference between smart and intelligent? Let’s take a look.

Smart: having or showing a quick-witted intelligence, clever, bright, sharp-witted

Intelligence: the ability to acquire and apply knowledge, intellect, reasoning, understanding, and comprehension


Similar But Different

They seem to be similar, but different.

Being smart reflects a quick wit and a keen mind, it seems to measure how fast knowledge is processed, how rapidly a person captures information and can recall what is learned. 

Intelligence reflects a person’s cognitive ability to understand what things mean, the comprehension of what’s learned, the ability to benefit from the knowledge.

Okay, Sure

Am I smarter than a 5th grader? Evidently not. I’m not sure I’m smarter than a 3rd grader. Young people have quick minds; can recall facts, figures, and information with split-second speed. Me? I’ve already forgotten the point of this blog.

But I do have a sense of being fairly intelligent. I can process knowledge pretty well; I get insights and wisdom and can make application from the knowledge I have.

My problem is that I can’t remember it.

The Brightest & The Best

I like to surround myself with bright people, the people with quick minds and rapid thought process. If I were wealthy, I would have a young assistant responsible for my car keys, reminding me of the time, and keeping me current with my schedule. But I’m not. So I have to do it myself, and with each passing year the gap between being smart and being intelligent just widens and widens. At least I think it does. I’m not really sure.

The Dumb Stuff

When I do dumb things, is that a lack of intelligence or a sign of diminishing smartness? I don’t really know. But I’ve lived for nearly sixty years and I still do dumb things.

Somewhere in my life existed the perfect harmony between smart and intelligent. It was evidently in the past, I’m not sure when. But I think it’s gone.

In Closing

I’m grateful that my salvation in Jesus our Messiah isn’t dependent on my I.Q. I didn’t have to demonstrate mental acuity or pass an intelligence test. He just saved me, just as I am.


cross at sunset

I would like to have written a better blog this morning, but frankly, I  couldn’t think of anything.


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