The Raging Debate

There is a heated debate raging across the American landscape. People everywhere are locking horns over the decision between two choices. It threatens to tear the very fabric of our society.

I of course am referring to the hotly contested idea of whether decaf coffee is really coffee.

Here’s The Thing

My Doctor has restricted my caffeine intake. That’s right, I’m off coffee. I’m okay, don’t send cards or flowers, or you can if you want, but I’m not sick. For a month now I’ve been off coffee. If you have followed my blog you know I love coffee, especially in the early morning while I write, blog, and study. It’s my favorite time of the day and often the most productive.

It’s Coffee Time, How Exciting!

I’ll Admit It

I’ll have to admit a certain bias, a prejudice if you will, towards decaffeinated coffee. Over the years I’ve built up a resistance to the idea of it; believing that decaf isn’t coffee at all, but a distortion, an abnormality, a tragic attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the American public. But not me, no sir, I have remained true to the faith and not succumbed to the demon beverage.

I Love Coffee

Until Yesterday

Yesterday I had all the coffee deprivation I could take. So I drank the cool aid. I tried my first cup of decaf. I take it black, the way coffee should be enjoyed. Sometimes I’ll put some cream in it, but not sweetener, no, never sweetener because real men don’t use sweetener in their coffee. They’ll use some cream now and then, but not sugar, never sugar. Hear me roar.

Okay, Maybe A Little Sugar

And Today?

This morning I’ve opted out of coffee. I won’t say that the decaf was bad, but I will say that it didn’t taste as good as I hoped. Maybe it was the decaf or maybe being off coffee for a while destroyed my taste for the stuff.

Feeling Discombobulated

This whole thing has left me feeling disconnected, off my game, and confused. When my Doctor releases me to enjoy such things again, I’m frankly not sure what I’ll do. It’s a dilemma all right.

Great Coffee Should Be Great Tasting

In The Mean Time

For now I’ll just keep drinking ice water with lemon wedges. It’s refreshing, healthy, and free. But it lacks a certain something. It disappoints and leaves me yearning for something else.

In Closing

I guess the raging debate continues. But America will have to decide this one without me. Maybe there’s a clear choice and maybe there isn’t.

For now, I’m leaving the coffee alone. I’m sitting this one out.

I’m Not Sure What I’m Doing

I’m not voting.

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