The Walls Are Crumbling

After a long and pleasant lunch with friends, I found myself reflecting on the blessing of having good friends. There were three thoughts that kept rising to the surface.

The Joy of Friendship

It’s always good to see my friends. The moment they walk in brings a smile to my face; as if something inside just suddenly lit up. I love to make my friends laugh because I love the sound of their laughter. The joy of friendship is that friends give joy to each other. And the gift of joy is precious; it’s a true gift from the heart. Good friends bring great joy.

The Value of Friendship

Good and lasting friends are valuable. Maybe its because good friendships are hard to come by, they can almost be rare. Rare things are said to have great value; and the more rare they are, the more valuable they become. Like a piece of fine art, great friendships feed our souls; and reflect back to us the essential essence of our own humanity. People matter, they have value.

The Cost of Friendship

The cost is high. The price requires vulnerability and the willingness to share your life. Great friendships can’t be rushed. Forcing, or rushing, a friendship usually ends badly. For me, the cost of friendship is about the depth of trust. Some of us don’t trust easily. Some of us want to remain guarded and protected behind our man made walls. We might think that others should trust us, but extending trust to others, well, no thanks. I think friendship goes only go as far as the trust goes, the level of trust determines the quality of the friendship.

Great friendships have to be nourished and nurtured. They can’t cruise on autopilot, and they won’t survive neglect. There is a price, a cost to great friendships.


In Closing

I love my friends. I love having friends. For many years I refused to pay the price, the cost was just too high. I wouldn’t let others in because I refused to trust them. I was the guy with hundreds of acquaintances and no close friends.

But lately, the walls are coming down, or at least have crumbled some. I’m building slowly and seeing some sweet results.

I’m experiencing the value and joy of good friendships.

And you?

friends uplift the soul

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