We Call Him Jesus

If you only had a few months to live, how would you spend the time?

Some Possibilities

  1. Retreat into self, feel sad, angry, and wait for death.
  2. Spend every moment possible with family and friends.
  3. Travel the globe, see and do everything.
  4. Invest all resources in achieving unrealized goals.
  5. Do nothing special, just finish life as best as you can.

Frankly, I don’t know what I would do. A few months are hardly adequate to even absorb the news, much less launch something grand. The choices would be endless and largely influenced by our respective ages and life circumstances. Perhaps none of us would know until confronted with such news.

What Would Jesus Do?

Yes, he knew that he came to die. But I was thinking of the verse in Luke 9 that said the time had come for him to return to heaven and so he resolutely set his face towards Jerusalem.

It’s different, I know. Jesus lived with purpose and that purpose took him to Golgotha’s cross. Still, what did Jesus do with the time he had left?

Some Possibilities

  1. Go home to Nazareth to be with his Mom and family.
  2. Start a synagogue and be surrounded by devoted disciples.
  3. Launch an attack on the hypocrisy and injustice of Israel’s leaders.
  4. Like Jonah before him, run away, leave the country, and escape.
  5. Do nothing special; just finish life as best he could.

What Did He Do?

Actually, he rejected any temptation, or inclination, to any of the above. Instead, he chose to advance his kingdom. He preached, he taught, and he cared for the people. He healed them, fed them, and raised them from the dead. He offered mercy, grace, and forgiveness. He pointed to a better way, to a better day.

And then he died.


In Closing

We call him Emanuel, the Son of David, the Lamb of God and the Alpha and the Omega. He is the Good Shepherd. He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings, and the savior of the world.

We call him Jesus.

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