For The Least Of His Brothers

I was thinking about the time my family and I moved in with friends for eight weeks.

How Come?

We moved in because we were homeless. Actually, we had sold our house, we were uncertain of our future, and didn’t want to commit to a lease. And I was unemployed.

So some friends from church took us in while we sorted out our future.They just set out the welcome mat.

How We Felt

At first, we were overwhelmed by their loving hospitality. And secondly, it was humbling. Our kids struggled with not having their own home and bedrooms. We struggled as parents. I struggled with pride. My life was dedicated to helping others, and suddenly I was the one in need. It was hard.

Turned Out Well

But it all turned out fine. In time I found my calling, and we soon returned to that place of plenty. But for eight weeks, we didn’t have a home and didn’t know when we would get one. Thank God for loving friends.

Yesterday At Church

Yesterday morning, our congregation highlighted a ministry called, “Family Promise.” It’s a national program for helping homeless families. Basically, thirteen participating churches host up to four homeless families in their building for a week, four times a year. Classrooms are set up as temporary bedrooms. The average family stays in the program for about three months, working to get a place of their own. For more details on this wonderful program, visit their site:

homeless kids

It’s A Good Thing

I can imagine that it’s humbling for any family to find themselves without a home, for whatever the reason. I can imagine its tough moving from church to church each week, while working to save the money to get a home.

I can also imagine how grateful, and relieved, a family would be to have a place that is safe and dependable. The kids go to bed with full stomachs and their homework is done.

It may not be what they want, but it’s exactly what they need.


In Closing

I can’t imagine Jesus being anything but proud when his people help the homeless, especially families with children.

I’ll always be grateful for those who cared for my family by taking us in. God bless them.

We all need a little help from our friends now and then, don’t you think?


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