Unky & Chunky’s Big Vacation, Pt 3

At The Doo Bear Inn

Unky and Chunky got checked in at the Doo Bear Inn. Unky had not seen such fanciness and neither had Chunky.

They figured out the hair dryer wasn’t a rechargeable flashlight. Unky rejected the offer of turndown service. He felt he had been turned-down enough in his life. He gave up on the TV clicker. At home, he just had Chunky go over and turn the knob like everybody else. Chunky fed quarters in the box that made his bed shake. He just lay there with a big smile, for hours.

Then The Magic Moment

The man came to drive them to the dumpster. Unky said, “Yahoo Chunky, we is going to see the bears.” Unky handed the driver his voucher, slipped him a $1.00 tip, and stuffed Chunky in a shopping bag.

Two minutes later, they arrived. The bears were already in the dumpster and ripping the garbage bags. Unky was beside himself with amusement, the bears were just like he’d seen on the TV.

Local Bears Consuming Area Garbage: Voucher Required 

But Chunky was getting irritated and decided to break out. He climbed up, looked at those big, fat, dumb bears and off he went. The bears saw him snarling with that fierce grin and menacing look and froze. They thought they might be killed or worse.

angry chunky
Chunky: Fierce Grin and Menacing Look

Bits of fur were flying everywhere. Chunky was holding his own until he got paw slapped against the dumpster. He was slug-like; dazed and defeated.

Then out of nowhere, someone walked up and waved the bears away. Unky was amazed the person wasn’t afraid, since most people are skittish around Chunky. And the bears were getting surely too.

The stranger reached down and patted Chunky on his battered little head, then picked him up and faced the van.

Chunky in a dumpster
Chunky: Dazed and Confused

It was love at first sight.

She was a fellow animal lover and a nearly handsome woman. She was wearing a plaid hat with the earflaps down; her thick glasses reflected the light in a special way. She was wearing an “I Heart Dumpster Bears” t-shirt, same as Unky. They both got one at the gift shop located in the back of the van. Yep, she was a keeper.

Then Chunky, reviving from the paw wallop, reached up and accidentally knocked her teeth out. “O boy, she’s just like me,” Unky thought. She smiled her toothless little smile and said, “Hi, I’m Gurtie May Wastebinder, who are you?” Then Unky did something so unlike him; he reached up and took his own teeth out. Without another word, Unky and Gurtie May were thick as ticks and walked off hand in hand to the Moo Cow Shack for an ice cream soda.

Poor Chunky

Poor Chunky was left behind, alone. And he was getting mad at Unky for making a fool of himself. His best buddy was sitting there with that woman with the ear flaps, sharing a soda; and was doing pretty good in spite of not having his teeth.

Unky began telling her about life in Doofus County when Gertie May suddenly lit up and said that she was from Doofus County too!

“Are you related to BoBo and BeBe Wastebinder, of the Wastebinder Happy Worm Farm,” asked Unky? She said, “I sure am.”

Unky, full of glee, blissfully slurped.

What’s A Raccoon To Do?

Chunky felt a certain surge. It wasn’t jealousy or anger. It was nausea. He couldn’t let this flap-hatted interloper steal his best and closest friend. So he set to scheming on how to save his friendship.

Stay tuned for Part 4 and the conclusion of: Unky and Chunky’s Big Vacation

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