Jesus Is Our Light

Can You Tell?

Jesus said that a city on a hill couldn’t be hidden. His metaphor was perhaps framed from the practice of building towns on top of hills, or on a tell. There were many strategic advantages to a community existing on the high ground, rising up from the plains or deserts surrounding it.

A Light In The Darkness

To those traveling, especially at night, a village on a hill would shine like a star in the dark night sky. It would be visible for miles, from any direction.

Jesus said, “You cannot hide a city set on a hill.”

Such places couldn’t be covered or camouflaged. They wouldn’t be hidden. 

A Trip In The Darkness

On Sunday evening, we were driving from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Colorado and up into the San Juan Mountains. We were scheduled to arrive by 8:30, but it was more like 11:00. For the last two hours of our trip, we drove in darkness, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

Having been to our destination a number of times, I was confident I could drive right to it. But I missed the entrance, for there were no streetlights or lighted signs. But I turned around, found what I was looking for, and drove in like it was home. As we slowly approached the lodge where we were staying, a glorious sight rose up to meet us. It was our destination, the Firestone Lodge, lit up and glowing in the late night darkness. It was amazing.




Jesus Is Our Light

To those who believe, who will open their eyes, and their hearts; Jesus our Messiah is the true light of the world. He is the light shining in the darkness. He is the brilliance of God’s splendor, the majesty of God’s glory.

And Finally,

Be encouraged this day to seek the light. You can find it, it wants to be found, it wants to be seen. And his light wants to illuminate you to eternity.

God Bless You.

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