Of People and Places

A Million Miles Away

I’m blogging this morning from the San Juan Mountains, elevation 8500 feet. As I write, I’m sitting at the 15-foot dining table of the Firestone Lodge. Just outside, is the Conejos River, flowing strong from the high elevation melting snow.


It feels like a million miles from Houston. It isn’t, but it feels like it. The air is dry, clean, and pure. The temperature is high 40’s and it’s breezy. This is my favorite place on earth. I will hike, fly-fish, go four-wheeling up into the high country. I’ll fish with a great friend who is a world-class fly-fisherman. It will all be marvelous.

And it will be all the sweeter because I get to share it with friends. I brought the ministry staff from church for a mountain retreat.

Moved By Mountains

As moved as I am by the majestic beauty, I’m moved even more by sharing it with close friends. There are seven of us that came and all but one was on staff when I joined in 2008. Serving together to build the Kingdom, to advance the cause of Christ has forged great bonds, deepened connections, and created lasting friendships. I treasure these people.

My Conejos Connection

The satisfaction of old friendships is sometimes joined by the joy of new ones. My friends in the Conejos Canyon are rooted in my heart. They are just the finest people and the dearest companions, not to mention being of great faith with a sacred commitment to Christ.

They bless me over and over again. They have the gift of refreshment. They help me to unwind, to be unhurried, so I can be renewed, and restore my soul. There is a spiritual presence here, with a wondrous way of connecting me to God.

Proper Perspective

It’s easy to say that I love these mountains, the trees, the wildlife, and the rivers.

But truthfully, it’s the people that I really love. It’s the people who have opened their hearts and shared their lives with me. It’s the people I brought to the mountains and the people of the mountains who welcomed us.  

And Finally

Jesus once said to his disciples, “No man has greater love than the one who lays his life down for his friends.”

People who have opened their hearts and included me in their lives surround me.

I am richly blessed by the very best kind of friends.


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