Body, Mind, and Soul!

To Be Born Again

What does it mean? How can it happen? Is it real?

A man named Nicodemus asked this:

“How can a man be born when he is old? Surely he cannot enter a second time into his mother’s womb to be born?”

I Get It

I understand his questions. The concept seems to good to be true, to easy, to convenient. It smacks of religious jargon; of the double speak for which religion is famous.

A Different Context

There are moments when people are referred to as being reborn. Perhaps synonymous with the phrases, “Coming back from the dead,” or “getting up off of the mat,” or “he was down for the count.”

They refer to someone who was thought to be finished, down and out. But like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, they’ve risen to success.

Personal Renewal & Refreshment

Sometimes these phrases refer to physical and emotional renewal, the refreshment that comes from getting away. Taking some time off to be renewed through adventure, beauty, and restorative experience is a great idea, and necessary.

Even Today!

It’s time again to go where I most love going. This very afternoon I leave for Colorado and the majestic San Juan Mountains, and their gorgeous rivers. Specifically, the Conejos River.

The Conejos River

Being in the mountains along with the black bears, elk, deer, and antelope; well, it all feeds my soul. The brilliant blue sky, the fresh scent of towering pines, set against the rugged snow capped peaks, well, the beauty of it moves me deeply.

black-bear-cub.jpg   elk 2.jpg

Fly-fishing the rivers, with the breezes washing over me, is like the Shekinah of God, the wind of his presence refreshing me.

My Happy Place!

For the next 12 days, life will slow down, become simpler, and will reconnect me with my creator, in the place I connect with like no other on earth.

As Good As The New Birth?

Vacations are good and healthy. But as good as they are, they are not the New Birth. For the former is of the mind and body. But the latter is of the spirit. To be born again is to experience the regenerating power of God, to receive the grace that transforms us spiritually.

The New Birth revives us in the Holy Spirit. It renews us by the cleansing power of Christ. It restores us and returns us to innocence, to moral purity, and to a divine connection with God.


To Close

So enjoy your vacations, be refreshed in mind and body. But do not forget the source of authentic spiritual renewal.

Praise God Jehovah!


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