Lift Your Head Up


I’m thinking about disappointments both large and small.

How should I respond? What should I do? Are feelings of disappointment a reflection of unbelief, a lack of trust? Are some disappointments harder than others?

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Sometimes Despair Is All You Have 


  • The shoelace broke on my brand new shoes and I couldn’t wear them.
  • A rainstorm interrupted the satellite feed during my favorite show.
  • The expensive steak I ordered came out overcooked.
  • A traffic snarl on I-45 caused a three-minute delay.
  • I called a company to complain but could only leave a message.

Those are disappointing all right.


  • Criticism and negativity from people you thought were mature.
  • Friends and family who canceled at the last minute.
  • Discovering how low the bar of excellence is set for some people.
  • Not getting the bid, the offer, or the job your heart desired.
  • Back stabbing betrayal from someone you trusted.
girl crying
Disappointment Is Common and Global


Was Noah disappointed when no one responded? Was Jeremiah devastated when no one repented? Were Adam and Eve disappointed in their sinful behavior? How did Moses handle the grumbling, complaining, and negativity from people whose lives he had saved, repeatedly? Was he disappointed in them?

Was Jesus disappointed when his disciples lacked faith? When they wanted to burn a Samaritan village to the ground? When they couldn’t stay awake to support him in prayer? When they viewed him as a means for advancement in the coming kingdom?

Did the Father weep at the brutality given to Jesus? Did knowing ahead of time what was going to happen ease the pain of the hatred and violence dished out to his son?

Was God disappointed in humanity?


Whatever setbacks and losses I experience in life, there are always others who have suffered more, and worse. Acknowledging the suffering of others won’t dissolve the bitter sting of my own disappointments.

But it does help to acknowledge that I’m not a martyr. I’m not alone; I’m not the only one. Life’s disappointments are common and global.


Hang tough. Don’t give in and don’t ever give up. There will be another day. There will be a better one.

So lift your head up.

Trust in God. Believe. Smile, for the world still turns and something joyful may be just around he corner.


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