Getting All Wound UP


I’ve made an observation about human development. It turns out there are two kinds of people in the world: 

  1. Those who meticulously wind rope, cords, string, and wires.
  2. Those who don’t. 

I’m a 1. I don’t understand the 2’s. 


Anyone who can see through a ladder can see the importance of proper cord storage. It’s just common decency; it’s fundamentally human, and essential to sustaining a free society and guarding our just republic. 

wound and stored extenstion cord.jpg   orgnaized basket of cables

Any insensitive person can cram a string of Christmas lights in a box, or make a mess of a good extension cord, or ruin a useful length of rope. It’s easy. Just wad it up, toss it somewhere, and forget about it. In doing so, they have probably invalidated it’s usefulness for the rest of it’s natural life.

mess-cables.jpg   ropes-close-up-white-thin-jetty-34159023

Sure. Way to go. Nice job. 

THE 2’s 

The two’s are people who:

  1. Just wad up the Christmas gift paper and stuff it in a trash bag.
  2. Intermingle their shirts, pants, and suits in their closet.
  3. Allow the various foods on their plates to touch.
  4. Open a box, dump out the parts, and start assembling.
  5. Refuse to review a map, ask directions, or have a plan for traveling.

Seriously? It’s probably a lifesaver that the one’s exist on the planet. Without the one’s, the two’s would surely destroy themselves with giant balls of tangled string.


In the interest of leading by example, here are the simple steps for proper cord management. Let’s use something small, something simple, I wouldn’t want you two’s to be overwhelmed by something more complex.

A Phone Charging Cable

  1. Hold the cable by its ends with one end in each hand.
  2. Apply a small amount of tension by pulling the ends, be careful not to damage it by pulling too hard.
  3. After applying tension, relax your arms and hands, and slowly wind the cable around either your left or your right.
  4. After gently winding it, making sure not to overlap the cable, remove it by sliding it off your hand, being careful to not to allow any slack in the loops.
  5. Tie the freshly wound cable with a twisty-tie, or wrap it with a piece of tape, making sure to get three turns of the twisty-tie and at least two wraps of the tape.
  6. Place the wound charging cable in a special charging cable box. Be sure to label the outside of the box with the appropriate information related to the charging cable.
  7. Set the charging cable box in the special charging cable cabinet.

An A+ for a good strategy   proper and impoper cord storage

Now, repeat the above steps with your extension cords, cables, ropes, twine and string. Of course, you will need to properly label the boxes and cabinets for each one.

cord organization
This Is Truly Marvelous: Bravo!

See, was that so hard?

You’ve not only taken your first step to better organization but have made a giant step  towards a happier life and being a truly happy person. 

really happy man
A Truly Happy Person

So, from a “one” to those about to become a “one” let me offer a hearty congratulations! You will so enjoy the upgrade!

In fact, I often notice people pointing and saying, in almost reverent and whispering tones, “Look, there’s one now.”

Uh Huh


3 thoughts on “Getting All Wound UP

  1. Did you always have OCD or has it struck you after you turned 50? The older I get, the stronger mine becomes; – )


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