Upside Memory Loss



I ‘d like to say that I’ve never felt better, never enjoyed a higher quality of life, and never had more energy than I do right now!

I’d like to but I can’t.

I don’t feel sickly. As far as I know it’s not the end. It’s just my memory. From the moment I turned 60 my memory has been slowing like a toboggan in the desert.    



This is the thing: I’m forgetting the short-term stuff.

For Instance:

  • I’ll get a glass of water, set it down, then walk off and forget it.
  • In the car, I’ll have my wallet, phone, & satchel, but not the keys.
  • I’m sent to get 3 things at the store and forget at least one of them.
  • Writing the items down makes good sense but I forget to make the list.
  • Names are eluding me.
  • I can see faces, I know I know them, but can’t recall their names.
  • It’s the most embarrassing when its family.

Here are some things people have suggested:

  • Take certain vitamins and supplements
  • Take a spoonful of apple cider vinegar twice a day
  • Tie a ribbon on a finger as a reminder
  • Put up post-it-notes in strategic places
  • At bed time, review appointments/schedule for the next day

post it notes.jpg  reviewing calendars   red string on finger.jpg

All of these are good suggestions and here’s how it’s going so far:

I can’t remember if I took the vitamins and supplements. The vinegar is just too gross for modern man. I look ridiculous with red ribbons on my fingers. The post-it-notes are awesome but I can’t remember where I posted them. Reviewing my calendar for the next day is helpful, but I usually fall asleep before getting to the mid-morning appointments.


There’s an upside to my downside memory loss:

  • “Hey, I’m sorry, I’m old and I forget sometimes.”
  • “You know what, that completely slipped my mind.”
  • ‘I was supposed to do what?”
  • “No, I don’t remember saying that.”
  • “Pick up someone at the airport, what are you talking about?”

You get the idea.


Its really not that bad and I’m really not that old. Actually, I feel pretty good and certainly should do whatever I can to take care of myself.

But the all too swift passing of time is upon me. Actually, it’s upon us all. Lately, the swiftly passing time seems to be passing right across my face.


There is work to be done, books to write, a church to serve, a ministry to honor, more Holy Land trips to make, more fly fishing in Colorado, and more family events.

I guess my memory for the things that really matter is doing just fine.

grandparents-christmas   thanksgiving


One thought on “Upside Memory Loss

  1. I found it interesting that in Max Lucado’s Upwords today he stated that the best weapon against Satan is a “good memory”. Maybe you better give that Apple Cider Vinegar another shot. Just saying.


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