Jesus: Stain Remover


Let me say Happy Father’s Day to all you dads. And if you want, you can read yesterday’s blog about dad’s sitting on their couches.

Today’s blog is about something else.


Not to be grouchy, but I have some angst about the birds. Not all of them, just the ones that carry on around the house. They sit in the trees, chirping and chattering, which is all well and good, but they also visit our front porch.

The Birds Love My Porch

As you can see, our front porch has railings, painted white. My angst relates to the birds sitting  on the railings and depositing their little gifts. The gifts stain the paint. 


I clean the railings once a week. But the stains are stubborn so I usually dab on a little paint to cover them up. It works okay. The paint must be an inch thick by now.

The birds: Uh Huh

Why would I write about this? Well, it relates to my Sunday morning message.This morning I continue the series on the New Birth and how we are cleansed by living water. 

It’s how the stain of sin is removed: completely and permanently.


Ezekiel envisioned a river that turned the desert into an oasis. The river transformed salt water into fresh water so it could provide new life, it was a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

John the Baptist preceded the Messiah. He challenged the people to ready their hearts, to renew their faith, and to cleanse themselves in the Jordan River, a river of new life.

For hundreds of years the Jews practiced, and still practice, immersion in water for ceremonial cleansing. It’s an appeal to God for a clean heart and a new spirit. 


Everyone knows the word, “Baptize.” For some, it has little meaning. For others, it’s merley a religious word. But within the Christian community, it’s a word with a wide range of meaning. It’s a word defined differently throughout the vast network of Christian denominations. What does it mean? Why does it matter?

What did it mean to John?

What did it mean to Jesus?

How does it matter to you?



Please join us this morning, at 8:30 and 10:45. Come learn about the Living Water of Christ, come experience the power of the New Birth! Perhaps the Holy Spirit will touch your heart today!

Southeast Church of Christ    


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