The Couch of Honor


Father’s Day is Sunday and I’m so excited. There will be some sweet and some funny cards, some inexpensive yet heart felt gifts, my favorite food, and a relaxing day off.

card for dad


As I write this, it’s late Friday afternoon and I’m finished with whatever it is I do on Friday’s. It’s Father’s Day weekend and I have nothing left to do. Yep, it’s time to sit on the couch.

I’m a man on a couch.


A man on a couch doesn’t really do anything. The whole concept revolves around the following values:

  • Stay uninvolved
  • Mentally disengage
  • Nap at will
  • Mindless Sports and Movies
  • Eating of food

These are the non-activities a man on a couch enjoys.

It’s helpful to have a good couch: one that is broken in, big enough to stretch out on, but not so nice that it creates a moment of worry for dripping nacho cheese on the fabric.

Basically it’s a couch that’s soon to be in a landfill.

worn out couch
Not really my couch but its close enough


Don’t get me wrong, I like being a father, I love it. It’s the best part of my life. It’s right up there with college football, fly-fishing, and some other stuff too.

Okay, maybe it’s better than those things.

Being a father is actually pretty great. Being married, having kids, then having adult kids, and then having adult kids with kids of their own, which I don’t have yet, it’s all pretty great.

Here are the top five things I’ve enjoyed as a Father

  1. The anticipation of their waking up in the morning.
  2. The anticipation of their going to bed at night.
  3. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner: I love family meals.
  4. Conversation, discussions, and just talking.
  5. Doing anything with my kids.


But don’t allow Father’s Day to overshadow the deep fulfillment that comes from being a man on a couch. Can anything compare? Can anything compete? Don’t you think it’s our destiny, or something?



To Dads who are in other places, by military service, or work demands, or for other reasons, you will always be their father, and God help us, there will be other days.

To Dads who have lost a child, I’m so sorry. Father’s Day is tough.

To those longing to be a Father, but it isn’t happening, stay strong, it can still turn out the way you hope. It did for me.

And to you guys who are having your very first Father’s Day, then congratulations, it’s pretty awesome isn’t it!

Just a few words from a man on a couch.

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