It’s The Coolest Thing!


Popularity is fickle. What’s thought to be cool lasts only a moment, a few weeks or months, and then poof, it’s out with the old and in with the new.

man in long hair and beard
Was this really cool?

Somebody somewhere decides these things. Someone has the enviable job of determining fashion, hair styles, architecture and building design, the new hip colors and fabrics, car features, the latest in music, art, and theater, and on and on, and on.

gold fish shoes
How do you feed them?

I’m guessing that this very moment, somebody somewhere is showing someone a new idea that will be featured in the right magazine, shown on the right shows, and be in the coolest movies. Then BAM: millions will flock to buy the next must have thing.

ripped jeans
It seems like these jeans should cost less: they don’t.


  • Bell bottom pants
  • Beads that men wore
  • Popcorn ceiling texture
  • Shag carpeting
  • Six inch wide lapels
  • A penny in a penny loafer
  • Fur coats made of real fur
  • Long hair on men
  • AMC Gremlins (it was a car)
  • And more…..


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating a return to the past. I like change. Change is good. Change keeps things fresh and pushes us forward in life.


My thing is that I can’t keep up with what’s new and cool. Which isn’t really true, because I’ve never tried to keep up. I never know what’s hip.

The whole thing mystifies me. Things have to be repainted to reflect the new hot colors. People seem to know the new way to wear a scarf, or the height of heels, or flat-heeled boots, or skinny jeans and ripped jeans.

It’s all above my pay grade.


But go out there and be happy. Be in. Be cool, hip, and current. Get up to speed on the latest and greatest and the best. And good luck to you.


I don’t know that fuddy-duddy is what I am. Maybe. I’m not grouchy. I’m not against anything. Mostly, I’m just out of energy, and lacking regard for the many things that determine being cool or not.

Is this me?


Perhaps this is caveman thinking, but I think someone should be cool based on their attitude, rather than their attire. That someone might be popular not because of the car they drive but for how they care about others. Personality ought to matter more than a pleasing hairstyle.

Anyway, I’m off to do some shopping. I hear they have some really cool cases for the new iPhone 6 plus. Later dudes.

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